[Theforum] note from Nick Bradbury

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 10 14:51:35 CST 2003

> From: Marlene Bruce <marlene at digitizethis.com>
> Nick Bradbury (creator of HomeSite and TopStyle Pro) gave us a
> generous donation this week, and responded to my "thank you" note with
> the following:
> I don't know this is something you'd be interested in, but if you're
> planning any contests (or something similar) in the future, I'd be
> happy to donate several copies of TopStyle Pro 3.0.
> =====
> Do we have any contests in the works? If not, do we have a need for a
> contest? I don't want to create contests just because we have
> something to give away, but Nicks offer is not something to pass up
> either.

wow... if my loins could bear fruit, i'd have his pears...

anyway, that's a great thing we need to not let slip by... instead of
just giving it away for arbitrary reasons, let's try to get people to
donate something...

hell, have a drawing every month for the next 4 months pulling
randomly from *those who have donated* to see who gets a copy...
that we we aren't really hanging it over people's heads, it last a few
months as a promo, and everyone wins...

and make sure mr. bradbury is cool with that, too...

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