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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sat Jan 11 14:06:44 CST 2003

At 09:52 PM 11-01-03, Marlene Bruce wrote:

>$10 seems okay to *me*. Madhu, does it seem excessive to you? Would
>$5 be significantly better? Any other non-Americans with an opinion
>on this? I was thinking $5 might encourage more donations...

Well... if you're talking about ahem, "third world" countries, $5 *would*
be a more realistic figure.

If we later drop it to $5, it *might* be seen as a desperate move -
"They're not getting a lot of money so they're lowering the threshold." (Or
perhaps I'm paranoid.)

>How 'bout if I email him and ask how many he had in mind (and I'll
>suggest 6). I'll also make sure he's okay with the idea of giving out
>n prizes over n months.

Unless he had more in mind. <evil grin>

Yeah, make it so.

>>That's a really generous offer from Nick, very cool of him. What can we do
>>to thank people who go that little bit further to help us?
>That's an important question. We need to make public thank-you's to
>people/companies who donate prizes. How should we do this? We need to
>plan for this in our next redesign too.

See what the Blogger/MovableType folks do on their site? Instead of
"recently updated weblogs", we make a "evolt.org supporters" roll with the
names/userid of the last 10 donors, with hyperlinks to their sites if
necessary. On the main page.

As for companies, our contest announcement (with plugs) go to a list of
3500+ web pros, most of whom are potential buyers. A very targeted
audience, no? Fame, goodwill, more awareness of products, more potential sales.

Could we also think of some way of announcing this on weo without doing an
article on it?

Damn... there's so much stuff that we need to change in the site design
that we better make a list of them for the redesign.



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