[Finance] Re: [Theforum] note from Nick Bradbury

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Sat Jan 11 14:26:44 CST 2003

At 6:55 PM +0000 1/11/03, Martin Burns wrote:
>Try it at $10 for a couple of months, then at $5.


>  >   10 - 11 (including one rounded up from $9.59)
>>    11 - 1 (rounded down from $11.03)
>Both forex conversions, right? I'd guess that they'd be round numbers in
>their original currencies.

Hm, one would think so, but actually not. The one for $9.59 was the
gross amount (and there was a .58 fee taken off that amount, bringing
it to $9.01). Stupid PayPal doesn't list that in the at-a-glance
amount so I didn't realize that 'til now.

This issue is reflected all the donations we've received. Am I
supposed to be posting the gross donated amount, or the after-PayPal
net? I assume I need to show the gross since that's what people
actually donated. Regardless, the fees make it difficult for me to
accurately report what we've received (unless I'm simply quoting the
PayPal balance, of course), so I'm going to keep reporting the gross
donation amounts.

Suggestions on how to do this differently are welcome.

>  >   15 - 2
>>    20 - 8
>>    25 - 7
>Interesting peak...


>  >   30 - 1
>>    35 - 2
>>    40 - 1
>>    50 - 6
>  > 100 - 3 (wow - I recalled there was only one, but there were three)
>Another interesting peak.


>  > How 'bout if I email him and ask how many he had in mind (and I'll
>>  suggest 6
>with an explanation, so it's obviously not just a random pick.


>  > That's an important question. We need to make public thank-you's to
>>  people/companies who donate prizes.
>Yep - stuff which leverages into bigger donations is definitely
>differently useful, and when it's on top of cash it's a different order of

Do we thank the gift providers anywhere on the site? I don't see
anything currently.

Should the next contest be highlighted in the donation bar area,
maybe below the bar?

>  > How should we do this?
>We did it pretty well with the Glasshaus books (right, Bruce?),
>accrediting both Bruce & Glasshaus in all communications.

Sorry if I'm a little dense on this one, but what do you mean "all

>Maybe bounce off Nick what we did with those books and ask if that kind of
>thing is OK..?

Sure, once I make sure I understand what I'm saying. :o)


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