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Sat Jan 11 15:36:44 CST 2003


> From: Madhu Menon
> I just remembered. I'm afraid I won't use Paypal for
> anything. When I tried to buy something off the Web
> using Paypal, I noticed that they added a very small
> line (and also in light grey) saying "a membership fee
> of $1.95 will be charged to your credit card."
> That's absolutely unethical, and attempting to hide it
> like they did is repulsive.

i've used paypal since before they were paypal and never once have i been
charged any sort of "membership fee".  i've funded my account with both
transfers from my bank account and my credit card.  every single time the
amount placed into my account is the same as the amount i requested.  the
*only* time the amount is different is when i'm transferring money from my
paypal account to someone else's paypal account.

> Anyway, I don't trust them, and a Google search for
> "Paypal sucks" doesn't give me any more confidence.

i hate it when people trot out references to searches for "{x} sucks".
that's a totally bogus way to see how good or bad a service is.  that sort
of search is guaranteed to bring nothing but the worst 0.5% right to the
top.  moreover, people that are happy with something don't generally make
much noise about it.  however, people that aren't happy with something
generally make lots and lots of noise about it.  so, comparing the good vs
bad comment ratio is skewed anyway.

anyway, imo there isn't any reason to rag on paypal.  they serve a useful
purpose and make it so we can receive more donations than we could without


jeff at members.evolt.org

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