[Theforum] bandwidth donations

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sat Jan 11 21:22:36 CST 2003

Marlene Bruce wrote:
> [30-40 gig bandwidth snip]
> What's the current status on spreading out hosting of the browser
> archive (are we still trying to do it)?

Yes, I don't see why not :)

> Could the bandwidth offered
> be useful there?

If they're willing to take on mirroring beo, it can be grabbed using rsync
from the deouk box - this is how jason andrade of planetmirror is mirroring
it and keeping it up-to-date.  If they can throttle their bandwidth for the
mirror, 30-40 gig traffic a month is easily achievable.  This right now is
the best way people can help out in terms of reducing *eo traffic use.

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