[Theforum] note from Nick Bradbury

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Sun Jan 12 16:59:18 CST 2003

my cents:

asking for donations to give licenses away is a great plan

$10 is ok with me

madhu: when i subed to pay-pal they charged me that fee, but then they
returned it - i was some beauracratic thing.
a person who workes with me recently subed to pay-pal and was also
freaked by that fee. i can't tell if they are still returning it or not.
i understand how you feel, but if it makes you feel better, i haven't
had problems with them.

i think madhu has a good point in saying that if we lower the required
minimum down the road is giving a bad message. we need to decide if it's
5 or 10.

marlene, thanks for breaking up the donations like that, it's very

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