[Theforum] note from Nick Bradbury

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Sun Jan 12 17:10:53 CST 2003

William wrote:
>very straight forward to do, as I've done it already :)


>We can also use this opportunity to start accepting donations in other
>currencies (paypal now accepts payments in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, UK
>Sterling, Japanese Yen and Euros), which a cgi form would allow us to do.
>If you like, I can mock up a demo ...

Go for it! What you suggest would solve multiple problems. Will you
and Jeff be able to tie all this into a "thanks for the gift" list on

Jeff wrote:
>and i'd be happy to implement the final working model on teo (and eventually
>weo) based on that demo.

That'd be great.

Thanks for your help, guys!


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