[Theforum] evolt.org revamp comment period open

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Feb 3 02:57:15 CST 2003

.| From: rudy
.| > [meo] was created as an area for you (coll.) to develop
.| things to be
.| > published elsewhere.
.| recognizing how shaky my memory is, and yet realizing that
.| diving into archives of several years ago is
.| counterproductive, let me just say that i share jeff's perception
.| experimentation was only one of the objectives
.| there definitely was a "community site" aspect to the meo concept

sure, but the point i was making is that linkrot is to be expected, to
some extent, because we are all experimenting, and sharing while
experimenting, and then we publish and thus remove from meo, creating a

.| i've got all my codefest and evoltcon pictures up there,
.| registered on the meo home page, so that others in the evolt
.| community can get a glimpse of the personalities who were
.| involved over the years in building the community

hey, i've got similar things there as well, things related to evolt.org
and evolt.cons, but probably some personal things as well that have
little to nothing to do with evolt.org.

.| oh, we were so idealistic back then, weren't we?


.| i guess the way the wind is blowing now, perhaps i should
.| mirror those pics on my personal site in anticipation of meo
.| being shut down

but isn't the discussion moving towards nixing the experimental part and
still providing a place to keep the things you and jeff and i, are
currently using meo for.
arguing that *that* would be a lot cheaper way to provide "community
site" aspect.

.| maybe the time has come for us to exit from the
.| "experimental site" business

i would love it if we didn't have to, but as marlene made the case for
yesterday (the pros and cons of current meo service) we don't have the
resources to maintain meo.

.| the profession has matured, and if people are serious about
.| web development, they will do some research, make a choice
.| of operating system, server and scripting language, and
.| purchase some hosting

not necessarily, but i'm first in line admitting that dan and his f2o
team is much more capable of providing great service for the
experimental stage, plus he's then offering to make it permanent if you
want. We don't have that resource (yeah, i'm repeating my self)

.| if they cannot afford a basic hosting plan to conduct their
.| web development experiments, they will search out "free" hosts

or free experimental space providers, like f2o

.| if meo is in the "free" host category, i despair of it ever
.| becoming financially viable

it's my belief that meo isn't, shouldn't and never has been in the free
hosting category. It is also my belief that we (evolt.org) should focus
on what we're best in, and i don't think that kind of hosting is what we
do best. However, i do think that the evolters idea, as well as much
more simple members pages is within what we regard as part of the

.| but email forwarding seems like a no-brainer to retain,
.| based on the minimal bandwidth it consumes

sure, i agree with that, and as i stated in my former email, i do agree
with jeff, in general, but just have always been under the notion that
we shouldn't expect anything meo to be permanent and meo by definition
is closely linked with linkrot.
but at the same time, i also think that weo should never be associated
with linkrot at all.


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