[Theforum] evolt.org revamp comment period open

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Mon Feb 3 04:48:42 CST 2003

Elfur Logadóttir wrote:
> .| but email forwarding seems like a no-brainer to retain,
> .| based on the minimal bandwidth it consumes
> sure, i agree with that, and as i stated in my former email, i do agree
> with jeff, in general, but just have always been under the notion that
> we shouldn't expect anything meo to be permanent and meo by definition
> is closely linked with linkrot.
> but at the same time, i also think that weo should never be associated
> with linkrot at all.

In my opinion...

evolt is meant to be at the forefront of how web development should be,
and one fo those things is most definitely avoiding linkrot. As it is, I
think we should, after deciding on this:

1. Stop accepting new meo applications (in fact we should stop now).
2. Send a mail to meo members informing them that we are closing the
service down in one month, and will provide forwarding for at least 3
months beyond then.
3. Shut the service down in a month and provide http redirect from any
meo site (preferably permanently. I simply cannot see that an http
redirect would cost us any singificant amount of bandwith at all. It's
one header line.) This is bloody simple to set up. My .htaccess was, up
until a few weeks ago when I started using meo for some new experiments,
simply "Redirect / http://illuminosity.net/". That covers it all.That's
all anyone should need. (with their site instead of mine, obviously.)
4. Forward e-mail for at least 3 months also, to the chosen person's
account. I would also prefer this to be permanent. It's in keeping with
our philosophy, and is simply the right way to do it. Like Jeff pointed
out, all the links to the e-mail will probably never be rooted out. The
thing is, after a while most people will hopefully be sending straight
to the new e-mail account, so the strain of this forwarding will be
neglible too. A few mails per account per month maybe.
5. Set up evolters.com (or .org or whatever it is) presto. People who
want the community hosting sign up and get username.evolters.com with
their stuff. By keeping the evolters stuff at the seperate url we have
for it, we can keep the forwarding and the new different hosting service
seperate, both in the url, and conceptually. meo is gone but now we have
evolters kind of thing. Have I explained this well?

Maybe we could take David up on his kind offer and ask him to do the
forwarding services for us if that's okay with him?
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