Forwarding was: [Theforum] revamp comment period open

Martin Burns martin at
Tue Feb 4 10:04:34 CST 2003

On Monday, February 3, 2003, at 11:18  am, Madhu Menon wrote:

>> 2. Send a mail to meo members informing them that we are closing the
>> service down in one month, and will provide forwarding for at least 3
>> months beyond then.
>> 4. Forward e-mail for at least 3 months also, to the chosen person's
>> account. I would also prefer this to be permanent.
> Permanent forwarding wouldn't use much bandwidth either.

OK, with David's kind offer, this makes sense, with the proviso that
it's being provided on a grace-and-favour basis, rather than a guarantee
of perpetual email forwarding.

When/if David is no longer able or willing to provide the service, we're
not going to spend time/effort/money looking for another provider to
support the legacy service.

I would also suggest that the default for web forwarding should be the
member's account. That way, people who move over to the new
service will do so seamlessly, without having to do anything.

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