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Tue Feb 4 23:55:49 CST 2003

<quote who="isaac">
>> can't we all just say thank you and move on?  he's already
>> offered it as an
>> ongoing thing.  why do you insist on putting words in his mouth?
> I think that all he's saying is that David need not feel obliged to
> offer this indefinitely. Which I think is perfectly fair.

I'm a junior in college at the moment so I'm not "changing jobs" in the
next 1.5 years.

My DNS network is now comprised of almost 10 machines in five locations --
it is also not going anywhere.

If we something happens in the next year or two where I can't continue the
service, the non-profit colo I help run will almost certainly be sticking
around and will be able to take up the slack.

That's not to say something can't happen to me or the colo in the future,
but I think we're pretty safe.

I'll work on putting up a redirect management page for the MEO users
tonight.  Which is the best means to contact the MEO server admins and
discuss some things?

-david ulevitch

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