[Theforum] cool EvoltGear now available! -- support the evoltolution

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Thu Apr 10 22:33:02 CDT 2003

as a response to recent requests for cool evolt.org gear such as
t-shirts, coffee mugs and sundries, i've spent the evening setting up

visit www.CafePress.com/EvoltGear to see the latest in colored, cubic
fashion, humor and utility.

the prices are a bit high, i know, but you'll sleep better knowing that
$5.01 of every purchase goes straight to Evolt (except the $5 bumper
sticker, which only pays us $2.51).

*AND* (as if that weren't enough...) you'll be promoting the success
of www.evolt.org by walking around with

 - a genuine evolt.org <head>baseball cap</head>
 - the obligatory <body> t-shirt (with </body> on the back)
 - drinking from a <meta content="caffiene"> cofee mug

and driving with: "workers of the web: evolt!" on your bumper!

BUT WAIT!  there's more: there's an Evolt mousepad, an Evolt wall clock,
and coming soon: Stainless steel thermal coffee travel mugs, Teddy
bears, Frizbees, Wall calendars, Backpacks, Tote bags, and even
Lunchboxes! (for any kiddyvolters you might have scurrying around the

Also comin soon: how much would you pay for the Evolt Broser archive on
a Evolt-branded silk-screened full color CD rom?  pretty handy, eh?

*STILL* not convinced?  want to do more, you say?

well, if you like CafePress's cool promotional items site so much that
you decide to sign up and start your OWN store, use this handy-dandy
referral link here, and Evolt will also collect a few cents of referral
fees from your store's sales (at absolutely no cost to you, of course!)


have fun!


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