[Theforum] Re: [---list] What!? No t-shirt! [supporting evolt]

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 10 22:44:25 CDT 2003

> From: "David Kaufman" <david at gigawatt.com>
> that t-shirt is 300 DPI -- the logo is a puny tiny low-res web
> graphic, so first off i need an illustrator, PSD vector or paintshop
> pro vector layer with the logo and the font, so i can scale up and
> down -- we don't want to stretch a 150 pixel gif across a beach towel,
> now do we?

from a couple years ago:

includes the EPS of the logo that we used for the last shirt... 
server's acting up, so you may have to come back later...

although you may wish to wait since i think martin already had 
something going... dunno...

my latest book project:
  Web Graphics for Non-Designers
  ISBN: 1904151159

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