[Theforum] Re: [---list] What!? No t-shirt! [supporting evolt]

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Fri Apr 11 10:05:20 CDT 2003

William Anderson wrote:
> aardvark wrote:
>> [snip]
>> although you may wish to wait since i think martin already had
>> something going... dunno...

sorry, i dunno either.  theForum has been pretty quiet of late.

> Yeah, I appreciate the sentiment and all, but I wish folk would
> actually *discuss* things before launching off and doing their own
> things ...

i'm sorry.  i launched off because it has been being discussed all week
on theList, and that's all that was taking place... discussion.  debate,
counterpoint, yeahbuts and whatifs.  i just got tired of debating
t-shirt procurement technology and procedures as it was degrading my
impulse to buy and wear one.  i had no idea there was a year-old
discussion, initiative and stalled project... but i can see how it got
stalled.  on theList, they were already discussing alternative vendors
and european-based shirt printing locations.

cafepress was a no-brainer.  it costs us nothing.  cafepress makes
money, evolt makes money, evolters get gear.  is that so hard?  our fist
four orders came from the 4 corners of the globe: Australia, France,
California and New Jersey.

i read somewhere that all buying is impulse buying.  i must confess i
actually did not finally get off my ass and do this for the greater good
of the community.  i got fed up waiting and decided to setup the
cafepress store because i just wanted to upload a damn evolt logo and
have them print *me* one darn shirt that i could actually wear, now.
perhaps to the evolt t-shirt-commerce working group preliminary
committee meetings... :-)

of course, after having done so, i needed a coffee mug too, and one
thing led to several others and, hey.  although my interest was purely
*self* interest, and motivated solely by increasing my own personal
private level of coolness, i did remember to come back to the list and
invite you all to buy some of them, too.

and i did setup the checks to go to Marlene.  it's been up around, what,
12 hours?  and there have been 4 orders, for 9 items, totaling $157.97
paid, and there is a pending commission payment of $30.06 already.

i am sorry for launching off.  should i close it down until such a time
as a committee can be commissioned to validate the html on the coffee



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