[Theforum] Re: [---list] What!? No t-shirt! [supporting evolt]

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Apr 11 12:09:09 CDT 2003

From: "David Kaufman"

| >> although you may wish to wait since i think martin already had
| >> something going... dunno...
| sorry, i dunno either.  theForum has been pretty quiet of late.
| > Yeah, I appreciate the sentiment and all, but I wish folk would
| > actually *discuss* things before launching off and doing their own
| > things ...
| i'm sorry.  i launched off because it has been being discussed all week
| on theList, and that's all that was taking place... discussion.  debate,
| counterpoint, yeahbuts and whatifs.

no, as i pointed out on thelist during that discussion was that this needed
to be in touch with marketing and finance, and martin did just that, caught
the momentum on thelist and started the work for a cafepress account.

but for it to be within evolt.org standards and maintaining the correct
branding ;) this needs to be approved and in touch with other things done
(read: right hand needs to tell left hand what it does, before hand)

| i just got tired of debating
| t-shirt procurement technology and procedures as it was degrading my
| impulse to buy and wear one.

again, i applaude your initiative, but would've prefered discussion on the
"backend" first, to make sure we're all working together.

| cafepress was a no-brainer.  it costs us nothing.  cafepress makes
| money, evolt makes money, evolters get gear.  is that so hard?  our fist
| four orders came from the 4 corners of the globe: Australia, France,
| California and New Jersey.

no it's not that hard, and it is underway ... the suggestion and setup had
been made, there was just a matter of finishing the product, or something
like that.

| i read somewhere that all buying is impulse buying.  i must confess i
| actually did not finally get off my ass and do this for the greater good
| of the community.  i got fed up waiting and decided to setup the
| cafepress store because i just wanted to upload a damn evolt logo and
| have them print *me* one darn shirt that i could actually wear, now.
| perhaps to the evolt t-shirt-commerce working group preliminary
| committee meetings... :-)
| and i did setup the checks to go to Marlene.  it's been up around, what,
| 12 hours?  and there have been 4 orders, for 9 items, totaling $157.97
| paid, and there is a pending commission payment of $30.06 already.

do you have Marlene's correct address?
she's recently relocated from San Fransisco to Washington
or is this done digitally (have no idea)

| i am sorry for launching off.  should i close it down until such a time
| as a committee can be commissioned to validate the html on the coffee
| mug?

hey don't apologize, but would appreciate a teeny weenie discussion on this
end before announcing it to thelist.

like i said before: right hand left hand stuff.


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