[Theforum] Re: [---list] What!? No t-shirt! [supporting evolt]

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Apr 11 15:00:24 CDT 2003

From: "David Kaufman"

| > I think that the confusion was because Martin posted it to [steering]
| > and not theforum.
| that's true.  i'm not subscribed to the steering list, and don't see
| subscription info on the website... is that a members-only list?

yeah, steering is a closed list. it consists of the "reps" of each of our
"committee" lists

and is supposed to have two from each list, although, i think that some of
them are on a sabbatical right now.

(their archives have the urls: http://lists.evolt.org/[listname]archive/
i.e. http://lists.evolt.org/steeringarchive/)

the committee thing was created after the discussion that when all things
were happening on theforum, it was hard to keep up, hard to follow only the
threads of interest.
and they were also setup as to make sure that there was a distribution of
workload, dependant of interest.

theforum is supposed to be the long vision and big-time decision making
part of the org.

using a normal co. to describe the structure of evolt.org
theforum = the stock holders
steering = Board of Directors
the 5 groups = The departments of the company
    Sysadmin (comp.dep.)
    DesDev (Design and development - where the alterations of the actual
site happens, redesigns, upgrades of CMS etc)

thelist, thechat = the customers >> those who reap what we sow.

what i think needs to be done though, is a better promotion of our
committee system, to make sure that we always have the fresh and active
faces amongst those on these lists.

so there, you probably got a lot more than what you were asking for ;)


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