[Theforum] weo down

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Tue Apr 29 06:44:02 CDT 2003


> From: Garrett Coakley
> WEO is down:
> - --
> Server Application Error
> The server has encountered an error while loading an
> application during the processing of your request.
> Please refer to the event log for more detail
> information. Please contact the server administrator
> for assistance.
> - --

we had a power failure here at the hosting facility that for some as yet
unknown reason did not trigger the backup power supply.  so, the server shut
down unpleasantly.  that happened at approximately 10:30ish pm pst.  once we
got power back, i noticed that things weren't behaving nicely on the server.
so, i went through the process of uninstalling coldfusion server and
reinstalling.  with that complete the only thing left was to recreate all
the settings.  6 hours later and 4:30 am pst and it all seems to be humming
along just fine now.




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