[theforum] [was-thelist] evolt.org down?

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Tue Apr 29 07:14:52 CDT 2003


> From: William Anderson
> no offence jeff, but why the blinkin chuff wasn't
> sysadmin, theforum and content (at the very least)
> emailed with a) "oh dear, there's probs", b) "i'm having
> to reinstall stuff", c) "it's done, let's see if
> everything hums along now" instead of having to
> find out from *thelist* of allfeckingplaces

i didn't email in the beginning cause i was trying to devote my time to
getting things back up and running -- time was of the essence.

theforum was emailed about everything being back up and running before any
other list was emailed.  i wouldn't have even sent anything to thelist
except that someone brought it up, so i thought i'd respond.

btw, it's now 5am here.  i have a very important appt at 8am that can't be
missed.  i chose to stay up all night to get things back up and running
again.  i *could* have opted to get a good night's sleep and deal with this
*after* the appointment.  at the very least a "thank you" for choosing to
give up my night of sleep for this would be appreciated (rather than the
usual "who's balls are we going to cut off today" attitude i've seen from
some members recently when things break).



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