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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Apr 29 10:08:54 CDT 2003

Jeff Howden wrote:
> will,
> > <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
> > From: William Anderson
> >
> > no offence jeff, but why the blinkin chuff wasn't
> > sysadmin, theforum and content (at the very least)
> > emailed with a) "oh dear, there's probs", b) "i'm having
> > to reinstall stuff", c) "it's done, let's see if
> > everything hums along now" instead of having to
> > find out from *thelist* of allfeckingplaces
> > <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
> i didn't email in the beginning cause i was trying to devote my time to
> getting things back up and running -- time was of the essence.

- and for that, I and others are extremely grateful, but given the lack of
simple access and updates we get about weo and it's wellbeing, you must
surely understand that when things do break and then we don't hear about it
for six hours after the fact, concerns will rise and tempers may fray.

for all the time it would have taken to send a sentence to sysadmin ...

> btw, it's now 5am here.  i have a very important appt at 8am that can't
> be missed.  i chose to stay up all night to get things back up and
> running again.  i *could* have opted to get a good night's sleep and
> deal with this *after* the appointment.  at the very least a "thank you"
> for choosing to give up my night of sleep for this would be appreciated
> (rather than the usual "who's balls are we going to cut off today"
> attitude i've seen from some members recently when things break).

Jeff, please appreciate the following: we are all undoubtedly thankful that
you saw a problem with weo and repaired it in your own time and without
being asked, but there are surrounding issues both outstanding and falling
out from this event which *must* be addressed as soon as possible.  You are
the only person with any sort of access to weo which is troubling to say the

In reply to Martin Burns, Jeff Howden wrote:
> where's a status report of outstanding issues, proposed solutions to
> those issues, and timelines?

you appear to know of some (citing leo specifically), why not start the ball
rolling?  the fast-hot move was something that knocked the shit out of all
of us, some more than others, and it's been breathing time for a couple of
weeks now.  I'm all for discussing how everything should work, how our
issues should be solved, and when and by whom they can be done, and I think
this larger issue of weo management/admin is endemic of some problems we

> since evolt.org isn't the only thing on my server, i'm hesitant to just
> start handing out login accounts for it.  however, if anyone from
> sysadmin wants to approach me and show that they have some win2k server
> admin experience, i'll definitely take it under consideration.

I do (MCSE since 1999, WinNT server experience since 1996, Win2k server
experience since whenever NT5b2 was released).

> the irony is that this downtime didn't cost evolt.org a dime (kinda like
> the hosting), yet evolt.org is the only client on the server that had any
> complaints about the downtime or how it was handled.

with regards to this and your other "lack of sleep" statement, if you feel
this is such a burden, why not share it?  Wasn't that the point of the
sysadmin group in the first place?  If you feel upset, hard done by,
aggrieved, and/or unappreciated by virtue of your undoubtedly hard and
sterling work for evolt.org, then do something positive to correct it, but
you must appreciate how the rest of us feel, being as cut out of the loop of
weo's wellbeing as we are ...

There are many of us ready, willing and able to chip in and do our bit. The
fasttrack migration of *eo sans weo has been proof of that, with leo, beo,
deo all working pretty much as expected, and meo being clean jerked from
the table.  Let us do our bit to primarily help you out, with the secondary
goal of making eo better.  We have a great community - let's extend that
community more fully into the way we build it.

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