[theforum] [was-thelist] evolt.org down?

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Tue Apr 29 11:43:55 CDT 2003


> From: William Anderson
> - and for that, I and others are extremely grateful, but
> given the lack of simple access and updates we get about
> weo and it's wellbeing, you must surely understand that
> when things do break and then we don't hear about it for
> six hours after the fact, concerns will rise and tempers
> may fray.

i completely understand.  all i'm asking is that those who are frustrated
with weo understand that i'm every bit as frustrated (probably more
actually) and that alittle diplomacy would go a long way.

> Jeff, please appreciate the following: we are all
> undoubtedly thankful that you saw a problem with weo and
> repaired it in your own time and without being asked,
> but there are surrounding issues both outstanding and
> falling out from this event which *must* be addressed
> as soon as possible.  You are the only person with
> any sort of access to weo which is troubling to say the
> least.

that's simply not true.  there are people here locally who have access to
the box and familiarity with its setup should something need to be taken
care of and i'm not available.  one of those people is a co-worker, anthony
vos.  the other is judah mcauley who's a very active member.  i would
entertain more with access, but please understand that the decision of who
to give access to is a very difficult one as there are other clients on that
server that rely on me solely for their service.  it wouldn't sit well with
them if they knew there were a bunch of people (some of which i've never met
in person) that had access to the server, the code for their site, database
data, etc.  if evolt.org and some of my own personal stuff were the only
things on the server this would be a completely different story, but that's
unfortunately not the case.

> you appear to know of some (citing leo specifically),
> why not start the ball rolling?

i just don't have the time to catalog, report, and keep up with the status
of things.

> the fast-hot move was something that knocked the shit
> out of all of us, some more than others, and it's been
> breathing time for a couple of weeks now.  I'm all for
> discussing how everything should work, how our issues
> should be solved, and when and by whom they can be done,
> and I think this larger issue of weo management/admin
> is endemic of some problems we have.

perhaps, or perhaps not.

> > since evolt.org isn't the only thing on my server, i'm
> > hesitant to just start handing out login accounts for
> > it.  however, if anyone from sysadmin wants to
> > approach me and show that they have some win2k server
> > admin experience, i'll definitely take it under
> > consideration.
> I do (MCSE since 1999, WinNT server experience since
> 1996, Win2k server experience since whenever NT5b2 was
> released).

we'll have to discuss that offlist.

> > the irony is that this downtime didn't cost evolt.org
> with regards to this and your other "lack of sleep"
> statement, if you feel this is such a burden, why not
> share it?  Wasn't that the point of the sysadmin group
> in the first place?  If you feel upset, hard done by,
> aggrieved, and/or unappreciated by virtue of your
> undoubtedly hard and sterling work for evolt.org, then
> do something positive to correct it, but you must
> appreciate how the rest of us feel, being as cut out of
> the loop of weo's wellbeing as we are ...

like i mentioned in my response to dean, i'm sorry for my rant about people
complaining about lack of communication.  it really didn't add anything to
the conversation.  the truth is it wouldn't have mattered if evolt.org was
on my server or not.  i still would have had to be up all night getting it
back up and running because i have a commitment to other clients that share
the server with evolt.org.



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