[theforum] [was-thelist] evolt.org down?

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Apr 29 13:06:03 CDT 2003


> i do have plans of asking another one or two people to help me with the
> of administering the server.  however, like i've probably already beat
> the ground, they'll have to be carefully selected since evolt.org is not
> only site on the box and i don't want to find myself in a sticky situation
> with a client trying to explain who all has access, why, how i know them,
> etc.
> .jeff

well, i have nearly the exact same server setup as jeff, in both the
software and grumpy ecommrce client depts.

my box is running win2k/sql server 2000/coldfusionMX

i'm on the east coast, and jeff:
A: knows where i live
B: is larger than me, could probably kick my ass

so i guess i'm offering to be a backup sysadmin....


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