[theforum] [was-thelist] evolt.org down?

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Tue Apr 29 21:26:56 CDT 2003


> From: David A. Ulevitch
> If I had to reinstall software and reconfigure it after
> a crash I'd look for a new OS.  Jeff's a smart guy and
> if he had to do that much surgery on a box after a cold
> power-off then something's seriously wrong.

the problem was caused by a couple of unlikely combinations.  first, the
previous night i'd installed a couple of patches that required the machine
by rebooted, but i opted to wait to do that until later that night.  the
coldfusion install was already suffering some from an install of updater 3
that resulted in an unstable system.  macromedia in their infinite wisdom
did not offer an uninstall option for the updater.  so, i wiped coldfusion
off the system and reinstalled to bring it back to pre-updater 3 status.
unfortunately there were some unknown remnants remaining from updater 3 that
were amplified with the cold power-off and the lack of a necessary reboot
after other patch installs.

the 6 hours it took to get things back online weren't all in massaging the
server.  some of that was spent working on the electrical issue in our
dedicated colo room.  some was spent dealing with a mysterious degradation
in network traffic quality.  the remaining was spent
researching/troubleshooting the odd errors being thrown by the server to
determine if i should be looking to fix problems in iis or in the coldfusion
server.  once i settled on a reinstall of coldfusion server (after a
ultra-thorough cleaning post-uninstall to remove any remnant settings the
updater left behind that the uninstaller didn't catch), i had the problem
licked in 30 minutes or less including restoring all the original coldfusion
server settings post-install).



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