[theforum] [was-thelist] evolt.org down?

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Wed Apr 30 14:07:06 CDT 2003

Thanks .jeff for all the hard work and responsiveness.

Thanks Dean for the clarification on roles and status. I was quite lost 
after the last move.

Thanks to all the evolt.org sysadmins, I know your role is normaly 
unappreciated, but I know how critical you are. I'm also aware that we 
have a great team and our machines have spoiled us in getting used to 
amazing levels of performance and uptime, so if we whine when things go 
wrong, it's because *you* have set our expectations *very* high.

And thanks Martin for pushing the discussion towards useful realms!

Finally, I second the plan of finding a more solid set up for our 
sysdamin-servers situation. And I agree that it's not something too urgent.


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