[theforum] Brief introduction

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Thu May 1 11:33:39 CDT 2003

Just wanted to write in a brief hello and introduction for those of you 
who may not know me.  I'm going to be helping out Jeff Howden admin the 
weo box since I'm here in Eugene with him and can get physical access to 
the box in case problems arise.

To give you a brief rundown on my background, I currently admin 3 
windows boxes and 2 linux boxes and have been administrating windows 
machines for 5 years.  Each of my current three windows boxes have 
coldfusion and mssql server on them, so I'm familiar with the operating 
environment weo is running under.  I've also been a CF programmer for 5 
years, so if the code is barfing up errors, I feel comfortable going in 
and trying to root out the problem.

I personally know the ISP where the server is colocated, so I should be 
able to get a spare key to the external building and the server room. 
And last time I checked, the owner of the ISP lived near me, so I can go 
terrorize him at night if necessary.  Although he probably keeps guns 
around, so I'll be circumspect about that :)

If anyone needs to get ahold of me about an issue with the box, I'm 
really easy to get ahold of.  Try one of the following:

email: judah at wiredotter.com
yahoo messenger: judah_mcauley
aim: madeofpeople
irc #evolt: ferretboy
phone: 541-344-6165
cell phone: 541-953-2155
email to cell phone: 5419532155 at mobile.att.net

I'm cc'ing this to sysadmin in case there are people there not on 
theforum.  I apologize to everyone who will get this twice.


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