[theforum] Fw: Notification of Payment Received

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Jun 4 15:45:03 CDT 2003


I simply must share this with the rest of you (without revealing the

Big, big thank you to the donor indeed.

the temporary acting treasurer for evolt.org

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To: <give at evolt.org>
Sent: 4. júní 2003 17:26

| This email confirms that you have received a Payment
| for $300.00 from [incredibly generous donor]
| ------------------------------
| Payment Details:
| ------------------------------
| Total Amount: $300.00
| Currency: U.S. Dollars
| Item Title: evolt.org's shameless tin cup
| Message:
| I wanna be one of the godlike wunderkinds who can get you a server by
being one of the next 4 people to donate $25 per month, so here is is all
at once so you don't have to do so much paperwork. Happy computing, and
Thank You!

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