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Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Jun 5 01:52:09 CDT 2003

From: "Jeff Howden"
| let's not forget that evolt.org is currently not being invoiced for the
| hosting of weo, which is currently sucking up about 20gigs of data
| each month:
| http://www.evolt.org/stats/2003/
| i'm not saying i'm going to invoice.  i consider that *my* contribution
| the community.   but, let's not get in a hurry to increase our monthly
| expenditures without figuring out how to cover the expenses that we
| have.  not complaining, just my 2¢.

on that note, let me call for all information that i need to take into
account while creating the balance sheets

first off, I need information regarding the amount we *would* pay if all
things were hosted in a paid environment
(this is the amount i'm using to estimate the donations from .jeff and eouk
in the past)

second, I need transfer stats pr. month from both parties (sorry, i need to
be fed, i know far too little about extracting info from logs).

lastly i need information about bills that evolt.org is actually paying, or
are being paid on behalf of evolt.org

all of these things are donations and need to be valued as such.

are there any known debts?
anything evolt.org needs to pay, but hasn't as of now.

oh, and as for our assets part of the BS, does anyone have the value of our
hardware, amount of shirts in the backburner etc ... all the things that
cumulate our assets part.

*the treasuring one*
[while marlene takes a sabbatical]

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