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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Jun 5 04:55:59 CDT 2003

John Handelaar wrote:
> [snip]
> b)  It has generated offers roughly equivalent to $80
>     per month that I'm aware of in the last 24 hours,
>     which puts us a gnat's fart away from being able to
>     get a second Rackshack box and fix our performance
>     problems.  I'll talk to Elfur/Marlene tomorrow so
>     that we can rope them all in, and

tbh, if we're going to spend $99 a month on a box, just get a Viper from
www.rackforce.com - it's the same kit and colo (in Kelowna, BC) that I
recommended from memset.com a while back, it's $99/mth for a Pentium III or
4 (i forget which), a hefty chunk of disk and *unlimited* bandwidth (it's
effectively a throttled 1.5Mbps connection).

*unlimited*.  I'll say that again.  *unlimited*.  No more going over our
allowance if something goes "hiccup".  No more worrying about extra charges.
And it's a regular box.  We just say "Hi, Rackforce, please chuck a basic
install of Debian on this machine please", and sorted.

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