[theforum] evolters.org is Expiring

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Tue Jun 17 22:37:22 CDT 2003

Below is a message saying evolters.org will expire in 4 days. I'm 
sure I forwarded the previous notice I received, though maybe not to 
this whole list. Hugh Blair, who paid for the domain, sent me this 

Are we going to let evolters.org go? Does anyone recall who it's 
registered through?

BTW, it currently resolves to f2o.



>The following domain name(s) will expire in 5 DAYS:
>Domain Name, Expiry Date
>evolters.org, 2003-06-21
>If the domain name(s) are not renewed during the next 5 days, they 
>will stop working!  This WILL affect all email and websites that use 
>the domain.  PLEASE RENEW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid disruption to 
>your service.***
>Thank you

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