[theforum] evolters.org is Expiring

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed Jun 18 09:00:49 CDT 2003

Elfur Logadottir <elfur at elfur.is> wrote:
> From: "Marlene Bruce"
>> Below is a message saying evolters.org will expire in 4 days. I'm
>> sure I forwarded the previous notice I received, though maybe not to
>> this whole list. Hugh Blair, who paid for the domain, sent me this
>> notice.
>> Are we going to let evolters.org go? Does anyone recall who it's
>> registered through?
> Nope and Nope.
> I thought I already sent Hugh a message regarding this, but haven't
> gotten any reply, so maybe I didn't.

what is the domain evolters.org used for?  just email, or sub.domains?
the website just redirects to http://f2o.org/

> So if anyone can help with the registrar, I have money available to
> pay for it.

the registrar is OpenSRS:

i'm quite familiar with their procedures, since i have like
40-cough-cough domains registered with them :-) -- yes, i have
a serious case of domain-name addiction...

you can renew it by paying the opensrs reseller listed, WholesaleNics
http://www.wholesalenics.net/ via the "Renew" link on their site.  i'm
not familiar with this company, but that's not surprising since most
OpenSRS resellers are small businesses and ISPs.  they appear to charge
15/yr.  to renew via their site you'll need the domain name (obviously),
as well as the opensrs username and password associated with the domain,
that was selected by whoever registered it originally, or transferred
it to OpenSRS.

if that username and password is no longer available, or you don't want
to use WholesaleNics for whatever reason, I can renew it for you (at
$12/yr) by transferring it to my OpenSRS reseller, that I use and
recommend, Simchanic.com (Josh Levine, the proprietor, is a local
friend).  he doesn't accept credit cards (hence the lower price), but
does accepts paypal, which is how I do it.  opensrs reseller-to-reseller
transfers are free and cause no downtime for the domain.

also, apparently DNS service now points to STARKMEDIA.COM and
CSI1ST.NET.  i don't know who they are, but i'd suggest evolt use David
Ulevitch's most excellent EveryDNS service davidu at everydns.net, as
evolt.org does (and as 40-something of my domains do :-))...

hope this helps, and let me know if i can be of assistance!


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