[theforum] evolters.org is Expiring

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Jun 18 09:36:25 CDT 2003

David Kaufman wrote:
> [evolter.org snippage]
> also, apparently DNS service now points to STARKMEDIA.COM and

starkmedia is djc's employer.  csi1st is Ron's employer.

> i don't know who they are, but i'd suggest evolt use David
> Ulevitch's most excellent EveryDNS service davidu at everydns.net, as
> evolt.org does (and as 40-something of my domains do :-))...

I personally don't care who we use for dns, as long as we can start doing
multiple-provider coverage for our domains :)

would definitely be nice to keep this domain and then start actually using
it - happy to help out in the keep process if needed.

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