[theforum] idea

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Jun 20 02:01:50 CDT 2003

I want to spend some time and respond properly, but that isn't going to 
happen this side of Monday.

However, this bit bears responding to:

On Thursday, June 19, 2003, at 08:50  pm, Peter-Paul Koch wrote:

> About the finances: would it be at all possible to open an Evolt bank 
> account and post the account number on the site? I don't have a credit 
> card (though I'll get one soon) so I can't donate. If I'd get an 
> account number I could simply tell my bank to send some money there.

Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple. I looked into this in the UK 
(which has a reasonably sensible banking system, and would normally 
just let this happen - it's exactly how the money works for the box 
that leo/deo/beo are on), but it just won't work for international 

Start wanting to receive international payments and your bank will 
suddenly start sucking teeth and saying "oooh, that's gonna be 
hard/expensive/slow". Of course, it's less significant with few large 
payments, but the 'many & small' setup we'd need won't work.

We *could* have a feeder account in each country, which transfer over 
monthly lump sums, but again, you'll be losing in transaction fees at 
each stage, plus you'd need a national in each country to handle it.


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