[theforum] server suggestion

Jeremy Ashcraft ashcraft at 13monkeys.com
Sun Jul 6 05:15:01 CDT 2003

hey all,

i know i've been pretty uninvolved for a while, but i thought i'd pass 
on a bit of information...

i really have no clue what the hosting situation for evolt is anymore, 
but i came across a hosting company that may fit evolt's need for a 
host(if there is one).  I'm currently hosting with a company called 
ServerBeach, which is being funded by RackSpace.  They are running a 
promotional deal of $99/mo for a dedicated linux box and $119/mo for a 
dedicated Windows box and no setup fees.  1GHz AMD proc, 512MB RAM, 60GB 
HD, and 450GB (yes, 450GB) of bandwidth.  I haven't seen anyone else out 
there that matches this kind of hardware for that price.  No strings 
attached anywhere either.  I'm not a shill for these guys or anything, 
just a satisfied customer who wants to pass on the word to an 
organization who might be interested.



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