[theforum] the donation drive and other donation related discussion items

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Sat Aug 2 08:57:25 CDT 2003

Hi cowboys.
(and to those at EUvolt last weekend ... thanks for a great time)

I've updated the donation bar to show the current status of the donation
towards current goal, but only with regards to actual monitarial (is that
the word) donations.

However, the current goal has changed, we don't need to pay 10,500 annually
and we are also getting a donation in the form of bandwidth etc.

So here's me asking for some help to figure out what we need money for,
where we are getting donations from (in any form or shape, short of money,
cause i know all about the money ;)

We need donations for:
- hosting weo
- hosting beo
- hosting leo/deo/teo

We are getting donations for
- hosting weo
    * please, anyone, i need help in changing that donation
      to monies - how much are we saving by jeff hosting?
- hosting beo
    * same as above - i need help in changing that donation
       to financial equivalent of some sort.
- hosting leo/deo/teo
    * currently on the same server as beo

our current monitarial revenue is combined of:
- cafepress - clothing shop
- paypal donations
- amazon associates

i'm certain that there are some things that i'm forgetting, some things
that should be added here, so please, jump in and add to the confusion ;)


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