[theforum] steering representatives and other committee related discussion

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Sat Aug 2 09:29:04 CDT 2003

Hi y'all.
it's me once again.

I'm doing my evolt contribution all at once here before heading out into
the sunset.

I wanted to know if anyone could list for me current steering
representatives and if maybe some of the committees should change theirs
due to (non)temporary absent of someone somewhere.

we have 5 committees


i know for sure that Marlene's a rep and Isaac as well, both of whom are
temporarily unavailable, and isn't Madhu as well? even Javier isn't he
unavailable until he reaches the states later in the fall?
I'm not sure. Anyways, I think now is the right time to bring up that
discussion one more time.

Including in that discussion might even be added the use for certain
committees. Do we need them all, should we reshuffle the hierarchy? do it
in a different way.

is there anyone here that really wants in, wants to help but isn't
subscribed to a committee already, and doesn't even know if, where and how
he's able to help?
Step up now, either post to me personally or just holler on the list and
we'll make sure that it happens.



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