[theforum] Re: [thechat] amazon, evolt, and all their friends in syndication

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Aug 8 01:58:44 CDT 2003

On Friday, August 8, 2003, at 07:41  am, DESCHAMPS Stéphane DSI/SICOR  

> I was wondering a few things and thought hey, why not ask here.
> On my site I'm going to speak of books, and each time I'll try to put  
> a pointer to amazon (the classical 'buy this book' link).
> But since every little bit helps, I'm going to syndicate evolt. So  
> I'll use rudy's tip:
> http://lists.evolt.org/harvest/detail.cgi?w=20020429&id=4574
> Does anyone know precisely how this syndication work? Is it a  
> pay-per-view or a pay-per-buy deal?

It's pay per purchase.

Since Rudy's tip, the associates ID has changed btw (no-one could  
remember the password to get at that old account), and Amazon have  
decided to make links of that sort not link directly to the book. So  
here's a better URL:



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