[theforum] evolt.org is closing in on it's 5th birthday ...really fast

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Aug 8 11:39:54 CDT 2003

On Friday, August 8, 2003, at 05:26  pm, Elfur Logadottir wrote:

> | > - set up wiki.evolt.org
> |
> | Once DNS and Apache changes are up and running, this:
> |
> | can do the job.
> is this with all the eouk data as well?

ermmm sort of at the moment. See below for reason.

> | It's also got issue tracking btw, which may come in handy for
> | testing... including categorisation for feature requests.
> great. does it work like the other one?

Yep. I copied over the app and changed the skin, including all the 
existing eouk users (as I would expect pretty much everyone with an 
eouk login to be participating and it didn't make sense to require 

> i don't really mind, except for the fact that it's showing links to it,
> which could be somewhat confusing, when you're all of a sudden arrived 
> on a
> totally different environment without realizing it.

I removed the eouk content, but the catalog is still linking to the old 
stuff. Once the DNS is set up, I can recatalog it so that doesn't 

> - do i just head over there and create my user on the fly.
> - are there going to be any password protected pages
>      (that is pwd for changing them)?

Can be.

>     - will i have to register my un/pwd somewhere for that reason?

Yep. Once DNS is there, I'll link in the registration functionality.

> - i have lots of other questions, just don't remember them rn.
> now on to the somewhat important question:
> any chance we have the data from the old wiki? the freezope one?

Ah, good question. I have a feeling it got removed by the host.

This wiki btw is hosted on the same box as leo, deo, beo etc, so that 
won't happen again.

iTunes is playing "For you/High Level Hornpipe" by Ivan Drever while 
writing this note

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