[theforum] Design concept

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Aug 8 22:34:24 CDT 2003

From: "Isaac Forman"
| Some of you will recognise an older evolters.org design here, but please
| attention to the header (red bar and upwards):
| http://www.triplezero.com.au/production/evolt/evolters3.gif

header is very promising, although it took a little while thinking what
page i was looking at. That is, the distinction that it was evolters and
not evolt wasn't quite clear enough.
it's mainly the red bar itself i think needs a little more configuring,
'specially the left corner of it.

| Ideas:
|  - the international community spot at top right can be replaced with
| support/donate promo. a gold box that people can place tips into?


|  - the login block, floating on the background colour, changes to a
| in user, prefs (and all that kinda stuff) bar.

equally as cool

|  - the black bar up top and login region are standard across the
| network. the red bar changes colour according to the section (should be
| green for evolters.org, blue for the work end of town), etc.

even cooler

|  - while the work, test, play thing is catchy, i'm not sure about giving
| browser archive a box of its own, and lumping lists, tips, deo, articles,
| news all under Work.

actually, i don't agree with you there. I'm pretty certain that beo is
going to be our legend and i think it should be promoted this widely and as
long as the work part has the description of lists and articles, i think
it's pretty clear as well. it's just a matter of promoting it further when
we've taken the blue pill.

| Let me know what you think.

 /me likes


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