[theforum] Design concept

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Sun Aug 10 02:20:10 CDT 2003

> The actual layout of the beo mockup (replicating the list of
> browsers again
> on the front page) ... i dunno if that's how i'd play it, but we can think
> of something better/different closer to the time.

Not sure what you're suggesting?

BTW, worked the function bar at a Scottish wedding last night. Insane. Scots
know how to (a) be loud at a wedding, in skirts nonetheless, and (b) put
away huge quantities of alcohol. I would bet my tips for the fortnight that
the couple certainly didn't finish their wedding night as they should've...

We ran out of Miller. We ran out of Bud. We went into our final critical
store of ice. There were glass emergencies at both bars. We went through at
least 6 1.5L's of Smirnoff. (They were drinking vodka:whiskey at a ratio of
about 20:1 though! Closet Russians!) And we got down to our absolutely final
keg of Carlsberg.

Yeow. Finished at 3am, starting at 10 this morning.


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