[theforum] Design concept

Seb Potter seb at poked.org
Sun Aug 10 16:13:53 CDT 2003

On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 08:27:41 +0100, Isaac Forman <isaac at bigtrip.org> wrote:

> can i just say that i'm not sure how these concepts will look on a crt 
> (on
> laptop) and at a more normal res (running at 1920x1200)? if the green in
> v4.gif is too much, let me know. contrast is ok for me, but might not be 
> on
> a crt.

Hmm, with the contrast ratio on a laptop being about 300:1 and a crt being 
closer to about 700:1, on a crt that green is, well, revolting. I mean, 
it's completely hideous, and makes the white text unreadable at high 

Maybe with black text it'll work better, but right now I can't look at that 
page for longer than a few seconds.

Something about the 3 top boxes bugged me for a while, until I realiased 
it's the balance of having blue then red then green, specifically the order 
of the highlighted faces on the boxes. Weird thing to pick up on, but there 
it is.

I agree with Martin, the "web developer community" phrase has got to go.

How about "web development community"? The difference is subtle, but 

- seb


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