[theforum] movement for redesign

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Sun Aug 10 18:59:01 CDT 2003

ok, so it's sunday night and time again to show the whip.

i'm pleased to see that there are opinions on new design concepts, but we
need to start getting other things rolling as well.

in short: we need volunteers.

there have been two, or was it three persons, stepping up this past week,
and i know about them, but we need a lot more.

We need coordinators, collectors, workers and idealists and lots of other
types of people.
We need to refocus our groups, delegate tasks ... decide which tasks to
delegate etc.

But first and foremost, we need a person willing to take over the whip.

School's started already for me so i'm passing on it this time, but might
show my face to kick butt at any given time though, so beware.

the Whipper needs to do the following (amongst other):

** take notes - not official minutes, but whenever someone throws a good
idea out there, it needs to be grabbed and added to the routine, before
it's lost in the ocean of non-explored ideas.

** make sure ideas are evolved into tasks

** delegate the tasks to the proper committees

** decide on deadlines for certain tasks

** call upon decisions and focus for us all.

** not do the tasks him/herself but try and make sure that someone is
working on them

you know, the usual shebang a project manager needs to do.

I have certain persons in mind while writing this, but do prefer having
them volunteer for the position themselves.

Finally I must say though, that there's no need to have but one whipper, it
could be several persons taking over either parts of the job or the job
part of the time. and remember, the project launch is December, 14 2003

I'm going to let this thread hang here for about a week, but after that,
unless it will be protested against, i'm sending an official call out for
volunteers to our public lists (thechat and thelist)

the temporarily-whipping one

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