[theforum] Evolters ideas

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Wed Aug 20 04:41:28 CDT 2003

> Hmmm, could lead to a lot of spam if lots of people tick that 
> box and post 
> all at the same time - how about blogs at evolters.org where 
> people can unsub 
> if they don't want to know about blog updates, but make the service 
> prominent so that it's not invisible to those who *do* want 
> to know ... ?

I'm thinking, specifically, about the type of blog updates Madhu would
do that he'd send to thechat currently. All that weird stuff he's in
for, like whale farting, etc... ;)

Not a critical element of the site, but worth considering anyway --
nothing that'll hold us up either way!


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