[theforum] Evolters ideas

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Wed Aug 20 11:42:54 CDT 2003

Seb's probably already ahead of me on this one, but this sounds a bit like
the interests/workflow article I wrote a wee while back:

The recipient specifies what categories they're interested in & gives
permission to receive emails.

The person posting to their blog marks it up with the categories (nb, these
needn't be the same as the BetterThanBlogging(tm) collective blogs)  and
publishes it (ie moves the workflow on).

The system sends an email to everyone who's registered an interest in one
or more of the categories and who have given permission to receive these

Shouldn't be too hard to extend with
a) Author matching (inclusive or exclusive)
b) Adding simple make-clicky links to update your profile, rather than
necessarily having to manage via checkboxen.

And if we're doing the make-clicky links, there's probably no harm in (a)
only showing the link to authenticated evolters and (b) substituting "You
could get this mailed to you - join evolters" for everyone else.


                                               Subject:  [theforum] Evolters ideas                                                     

Isaac wrote:

We've already discussed the mess of blogs with categories that produce
evolters.org threads (travel, food, etc).

I thought that something like evolters Galleries could be cool where
someone suggests a topic, and that week/day, everyone who would like to
participate, contributes a photo on that topic (Sunset, Macro,
Funny-looking person, etc).

Also, it might be possible to check a box when posting to your blog to
have it automatically submit the link to [evolters] -- that might save
Madhu some time...

And then perhaps tools that unite people with similar

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