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Russell Griechen russgri at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 20 22:32:00 CDT 2003

A paid membership will work...but a smattering of entry
> generosity ...but to access any of the bandwidth consuming
> servers should be met with the user login. A paid membership
> will result in the smallest group of hard-core supporters and
> will probably consist of the names you see on the forum and
> thelist...and not all of them. Lurkers will not join. The
> internet is based on freedom...but not freedom to consume
> resources that are not yours. Put all that info, archives,
> services there but provide the marketplace a place to
> function and the rewards are a true free internet...supported
> by the free enterprise system. Free trade works the world over.

Thanks Isaac

I have been following 'thelist' and 'theforum' for quite some time.
rudy, jeff and others have knocked off some of the rough edges of my
coding...alas not all is gone.

I am sorry that I have offended some.
I have been watching community sites and developing programs that would
support community sites.
In some advocacy sites there is a need for money to support the programs and
political issues that we espouse.
I've been casting around for ways to keep the faithful involved and always
thinking of ways to attract the new people and offer lots of info,
tutorials, pic galleries, mailing lists, vanity sites and all the different
ways not only to attract the support of people...but to get them involved in
the communities.

Different levels of memberships...bronze, silver, gold and platinum....I've
given it a lot of thought.

If you notice all the tutorial and web development sites have great
information, good forum support to ask questions and ask and offer support.

They are all teeming with banners, text ads, blinking and spinning...each
with it's own unique message..and each offering very good compensation to
the webmaster if you click on them.

The world is on a binge of buying from the internet, tv ads, and we buy
things that we could never find in the local stores...and if we did, they
would cost an arm and a leg.

If you're a purist and want to resist such a commercial environment, it does
not follow that we should try and impose our particular fetish on the rest
of the billions of people that shop, click and buy on the internet.

I've decided to join the rest of the world in the shopping binge, because I
need the peoples involvement to create the political action group.
To do this I am offering free tutorials, free code, free website templates.
Articles on the main interests of the site and I am going to offer lean and
mean webhosting with forum support...to keep maintenance costs down...,
dialup access, domain registration, and develop a lot of resellers that will
offer webdesign and keep all the fees and get an affiliate
override...anything to generate some currency.

I am going to encourage regular members that share our interests to write
articles...hey let's face it...a lot of people out there are just dying to
be published...If they have a good message, I am going to help them market
it via Ebooks and if it sells well we will have a paperback published.

My site will be teeming not only with lots of relevant content, but with ads
from Google's ADSense...however you spell it...and ClickBank.
I will market Ebooks on every subject and intersperse my ads with the rest
of them...I will call everything
"My Sponsors"

I am going to market on Clickbank, Ebay, and Amazon

It seems though that Evolt should have copious comments...I see hundreds of
posts...all on the same subject but absolutely no action.

Couldn't someone just say 'Let's try this and just do it.
Just get over trying to get just the right luminosity on that icon

Just do it...the internet is alive and clamoring for content and products.
If every person had Evolts aversion to commerce, the Internet would be dead.

If I had all that coding expertise at my beck and call...I would think I was
in Heaven.

Russell Griechen

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