[theforum] Suggestion for comment moderation

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 21 07:55:56 CDT 2003

>There has been a little discussion over on content about the disparity
>between us not removing posts from thelist archive, but we do moderate
>article comments through the 'grrr' mechansism.
>Seb suggested that we look at a community moderation system for article
>comments whereby members of the community can rate comments and also set a
>threshold level for comments they want to read.
>For an example see slashdot.org.
>I think this is an idea worth thrashing out, so I'm starting the ball 

I was thinking of giving advanced members (see below) the opportunity to 
rate comments. Negatively rated comments would be initially hidden, except 
for the subject line, strongly negatively rated comments would be removed 
altogether. Positively rated comments could be printed out larger, or first 
on the page, or whatever.

What I was thinking of (without having the slightest idea how much work this 
is for our database wizards) is giving all Evolt members a score. All 
members are allowed to rate comments from members with a lower score than 

Score example:

Basic score : 1 (this is for all new members)
Per article written in the past three months: +1
Per 3 positively rated comments written in the past three months: +1
Per negatively rated comment written in the past three months: -1
Per flame: -2
Per 3 tips written in the past three months: +1
Member is volunteer in one of the task forces: +2

Newbie (score: 1) posts comment, more advanced member who's recebtly written 
an article (score: 2) is allowed to rate this comment. Something like that, 

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