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>Try this...say Adsense for 3 or 4 months and see where it leads us.
>of course it assumes that you have 30 or 40 pages of content with
>appropriate relevant content with keyword and an Intro phrase.

>Or we could try the Membership alone or with whatever ad sequence.

>We could embrace 4 or 5 affiliate programs and still not be beyond the

OK, this is sensible (and is pretty much in line with where we were going I

>The only alternative is to keep trimming our sails..

Well moving towards hosting that will cost us ~$100/box/month for vast
amounts of bandwidth (ie Rackshack, memset or similar) is I think one of
the best moves we could make.

Those who have been following sysadmin will see that actually, we have
enough cash now from donations and cafepress sales (yay, go David) to fund
one box rackshack/memset box for a whole year in advance, which is more
security than we've had in a while.

>> btw, wasn't it you who broke the evolt servers one holiday weekend?

>Now there you go again...I can assure you that my coding skills would not
>up to the attacks on Evolt's server ...but it does point up the fact that
>there is a dark side to your thinking also.

Mea culpa - my whole post that you're responding to was supposed to be
offlist to you directly. I apologise for bringing this up publically, which
wasn't my intention.


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