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Russell Griechen russgri at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 23 07:24:43 CDT 2003

Thanks Elfur and Ron

I am glad to get the exact details of the origin of Evolt.

I can see how the aversion to commercial support came about...and I
appreciate that point of view.
With that point of view though, the urge to be all things to all people has
to be curtailed.

I was just shocked that all this bandwidth was being used with no plan in
place to pay for it and such a slow ponderous reaction to put the house in
I was also bleeding for Ron because I know he put himself in the line of
fire also...so I am glad to get this response from Ron...
Martin, I am still smarting from your suggestion that I would hack the
server down.
It reminds me of schoolboys, grasping at straws to use to club someone who
had the audacity to attack the status quo.

Now lets get on with the plan.

Martin mentioned the RackShack servers ...now so cheap that it literally
invites a hosting program.
The bottom has really fallen from the hosting business...
There is more than meets the eye here, with rates that cheap, they have to
really be relying on overselling bandwith and space...so I would be leary of
jumping right in without doing a lot of checking what if scenarios.
One way to cope with that is to use the RackShack servers and setup reseller
accounts that consist of several gigs of bw and space...then oversell, but
not allow the resellers to oversell.
That would give the members who are really out in the various geographical
areas and niche areas to really develop the volume...a hundred fold from
what Evolt could attain...why because Evolt members would have the incentive
to do so.
Each member could only populate his own account and when that
allotment...not oversold...was populated then he could get another account.
He could have multiple accounts but could not resell accounts themselves.

On another matter of the banners on Evolt...
Without going overboard on loading the mother site...You could develop
thousands of pages that are bookmarked from the front or subsequent Link
pages with lots of content about niche interests and have those
overpopulated to some extent and have other vendors that AdSense...though
you would have to comply with their requirements.

Another would be to use the hosting company as a receptacle for diverse
domain names that follow niche marketing interests.  That way you have the
income, google will keep everyone of them indexed...because they would have
the incentive to...and the main Evolt site is traveling at a reduced

There is also another program such as paid parking that does the same thing
and produces quite well and you do nothing...They populate and maintain the

Russell Griechen

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