hogwash!: [theforum] Donation Wall - last chance to comment

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Sat Aug 23 07:38:52 CDT 2003

> On another matter of the banners on Evolt...
> Without going overboard on loading the mother site...You could develop
> thousands of pages that are bookmarked from the front or subsequent Link
> pages with lots of content about niche interests and have those
> overpopulated to some extent and have other vendors that AdSense...though
> you would have to comply with their requirements.

russell, i've been trying to follow your suggestions but the above is just
totally incomprehensible

> Another would be to use the hosting company as a receptacle for diverse
> domain names that follow niche marketing interests.  That way you have the
> income, google will keep everyone of them indexed...because they would
> the incentive to...and the main Evolt site is traveling at a reduced
> intensity.

this too

we all appreciate your renewed interest in evolt after such a long absence
but some of these ideas are just over the top

we're aware of the need to be self-supporting, but surely you can appreciate
our caution in selling our site and soul to outside interests


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