[theforum] Donation Wall - last chance to comment

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sat Aug 23 10:57:55 CDT 2003

Isaac Forman wrote:
 > William Anderson wrote:
> >Read http://jrobb.mindplex.org/2003/08/14.html#a3525 to find out why 
> >adsense isn't the holy grail of advertising.
> >
> >And if Google goes down/under/resold/whatever, we have no ads.
> This and the arguments cited in the blog-entry above are pretty weak,
> IMO.

I'm personally of the opinion that we can survive without ads.

> >Who said we were here to generate cash cows?  We're here to sustain a 
> >community.  Here's the pulse.  Here's you, far from the pulse.
> I can understand that you've taken this as some form of attack, but how
> about politely asking for clarification, or presenting your argument.

My apologies to you, Isaac, if I appeared brusque, but almost every email 
from Russell has - unnecessarily IMO - been laden with attacking comments. 
  I refuse to sit back and let someone lay into the community like that 
without some form of retort.

> Personally, I think that if we go beyond generating the cash to run our
> community, we can extend it -- mentorships (financing pros to teach
> newbies), paid tutorials (instead of the *mostly* half-arsed articles we
> have currently), hosting and designing for charities.

IMO, there's a difference between generating income to both sustain and 
extend the community, and generating income for the hell of it, without 
regard to the manner in which it's generated.

> To be honest, I'm quite embarrassed by the way that everyone here has
> responded.

I'm quite embarrassed that the original poster posted in the way that he 
did in the first place.

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