[theforum] Proposal: AdSense test case

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Sun Aug 24 20:38:48 CDT 2003

I propose that we run a live trial of Google's AdSense on the evolt.org
Browser Archive with a view to considering its use in other parts of
evolt.org's online services.


I suggest that we style this inclusion of contextual ads as best we can
to suit the site. I am putting forward the Browser Archive as a test
case because it is a prime component of evolt.org's services that is
open to being used by internet users least likely to return
contributions to the community. I suggest that we run a link next to any
text ads of this type that explains what we're doing, and that our
members do not necessarily use or recommend the services/products
promoted in the ads.

I would like to receive a general vote of FOR or AGAINST (+1 or -1 as
you wish) on this proposition. Any comments are obviously welcome.

There is no assumption that a +1 on trialling AdSense on the Browser
Archive only can be taken as a +1 on extending a trial to permanency or
extending it to further advertising or other areas of the site.

Given that US residents using the program need to submit a Tax ID, I
would recommend that funds are stored by someone outside that country.
Exact details would be decided by the Finance group.


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