[theforum] Proposal: AdSense test case

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Aug 25 05:17:52 CDT 2003

Isaac Forman wrote:
> I propose that we run a live trial of Google's AdSense on the evolt.org
> Browser Archive with a view to considering its use in other parts of
> evolt.org's online services.

As much as I'm against the concept at the moment, +1 - as Rudy said, it's 
worth trying at least, and beo probably takes just as much of a hammering 
hitswise as eo does.

There's a nice big blank space to the right we can use - it's normally used 
for the login/search boxes, links to articles etc on eo, but on beo it's 
empty as an empty thing that's been emptied.  If you're gonna put a text ad 
box anywhere on beo to be not-that-intrusive, it's gotta be there.

Russell Griechen wrote:
 > with the caveat of using the test without any explanation.
 > It will not be a true test if we issue an apology or explain our
 > motives, or in any way disassociate evolt from the ads.

I disagree - a "what's this?" link above or below the adbox linking to an 
updated section of the "give to evolt" article makes so much sense it hurts.

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